Most of the businesses continue to lose clients because of their struggle with huge number of incoming calls. At the same time, many businesses, who adopted the Advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) from The Real PBX, are managing their clients with ease and they are even gaining the clients that other are losing.


What Magic Does Advanced ACD use?

The magic that Advanced ACD does is- understanding the customers. No customer wants to be kept on the line without being answered for long and it makes a big impact on the business. Quick and fast response to the caller makes them feel that they are important- it makes positive impression right at the start of the call, which eventually makes the task of converting a caller into customer very easy.

Our Advanced ACD has a digital receptionist that can answer the call automatically to greet the customers and offer a customizable pre-recorded menu while your attendants are busy on other calls. Advanced ACD will then take the customer to the department of his choice. Options available on Advanced ACD are:

  • Go to next choice
  • Return to the previous choice
  • Dial an extension
  • Repeat choices
  • Return to the previous menu
  • Call operator

Our supreme programming with the service that hosts PBX for businesses has been focused on simplifying every task for the clients and that demands knowing the need of the customer. So, our Advanced ACD can guide the customer automatically to the right destination based on user customization. The job delivered by Advanced ACD is beyond the comparisons of human-receptionist as Advanced ACD is very quick to respond the calls and it can handle any number of calls at a time. So, you are able to assist every caller and that gives your better more opportunities to grow your business. It can even be set to remember the priorities chosen by callers and implement them for the future call to connect the calls quickly.

The magic is not over yet!

The job of Advanced ACD from The Real PBX is not over after transferring the call to the concerned department. Within the departments, the Advanced ACD checks for the extension that is not call and connect the caller to them. In case all the agents are busy in the department, the callers can be requested to their patience using Advanced ACD. Furthermore, the call is listed to agents so that they are aware that some calls are in the queue and they need to work faster on the existing call.

Advanced ACD can even collect the necessary information about the caller immediately that can be availed to the call attendant. With such information, the attendant would be more capable of understanding the customer and hence, more likely to impress the customer with this services.

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