Music On Hold

Keeping the customer on hold is not an appreciable practice. A number of surveys have shown that no caller likes to stay on hold and being on hold is embraces a negativity towards the business. But keeping the customer on hold is inevitable on many instances. Heavy call flow, processing a request, discussion with a supervisor, etc. are only a few reason for which the operator might have to put your important customer on hold.


Now, this ‘On-Hold’ period can be tough for the caller. ‘Music on Hold’ is a support for the callers who are on hold. It is to guess with its name that it plays music for the callers when they are put on hold.

How Effective ‘Music on Hold’ can be:

To understand the importance of Music on Hold, you need to know the possibility of harms without it. As per the studies by trustable sources, an operator keeps the caller on hold for 15 minutes in a day. Close to 55 percent of caller are likely to disconnect the call when kept on hold for more than 30 seconds. Furthermore, once a call is disconnected one-third of customers are not likely to call back. Can you count the overall business loss?

Don’t count. Save your business with Music on Hold. It simply ends all the negatives of keeping a customer on hold. First, the customer will not be bored of being on hold to no voice. Then, the music to be played on hold can be your business tone, which gives the customers a feel of brand reputation. Further, you can even play promotional offers that give your better chances of up selling of products.

Customized Messages

The best brains make most of every moment they have. When the customer is on call, you have the precious moments of making or increasing money. When you put them on hold for any reason, The Real PBX gives you the best chances of making the most of such moments.

We do not restrict the business to play only a music tone for the customers on hold. We have lots of options for you to impress the customers. By customizing the message for on-hold duration, you can play the promotional offers. By doing so, you are gaining the customer’s attention to other products and services. This enhances a direct possibility of up sale and cross sale chances. Even the customer feedbacks have indicated that many promotional offers during on-hold duration generate considerable business.

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