Professionals who value giving immediate response to their clients or wish instant follow ups, for them telephony will always hold a strong place for the business interaction. New modes of communication like fax, emails etc might be popular but they do not assure immediacy and proficient connectivity. In order to grow business it is essential to have personal contact so that people can grow their business relationships as well. In last two decades the field of communication has experienced many revolutionary changes, for instance electronic mail has made sending a message to multiple recipients so fast and easy.


It is just a matter of a click. On the other hand fax can deliver your documents anywhere in the world instantaneously. But none could replace the high end value that a live conversation provides. A personal connect usually leads to customer constancy.

What is Voice Mail?

In today’s scenario where everyone is falling short of time and has a lot of work pressure, missing an important call might just cost you more than you have ever anticipated. Therefore with the help of voice mail one can even receive the message if one misses out a call or is unable to answer. Voice mail can be of great convenience to the caller and all the parties by saving their precious time. It provides the user a great bent of flexibility by not just storing the voice message but also by allowing the users to access it remotely. The Voice mail users can listen to their messages any time at any place and with any device they want, they are not restricted to a particular phone, place or system. They just have to dial in their central number and then just enter their secret code to gain the access to their account.

Benefits of the Voice Mail

  • Voice mail is just like an answering machine but with advanced features which offers flexibility to the users.
  • You can take the message even if you are not present in the office.
  • It is even feasible to send and receive the messages to someone else’s mail box.
  • They allow you to store the messages as long as you want to.
  • You can entertain multiple calls at the same time.

All these above stated features make sure that you get your messages in time and work should never get hampered. Hosted PBX services are the future and current present of many firms, if this technology has to be consumer friendly then it should inculcate all the advance traits so that it can work as an integrated platform. The Real PBX’s Hosted PBX system has the voice mail feature in order to facilitate its clients. We believe in empowering every size of business through technology, our PBX services are just a small step towards that empowerment. Be a part of the change with us.

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