Call Screen and Announce

How nice it would be if for every call you hear an announcement that goes like this:
“You have a call for Support from John Baker. To answer the call press 1, to send the call to voicemail press 2, to forward this call to another extension press 3, to keep the call on hold press 4…”


You will never have to blindly answer a phone call ever again with The Real PBX’s Call Screening and Call Announce feature available with its Hosted PBX Services. You can hear your caller’s name in his own voice and choose to continue keeping the caller on hold to take time to decide what you want to do with the call. While on hold your caller can hear a customizable music of your choice or be informed of a latest promotion or offering that might interest your caller.

Take control of your Business Communication:

The Real PBX’s Hosted PBX VOIP allows you to take control of your business calling by deciding which calls to answer and which to block. You can also choose to record the call for future purposes. Our Small Business PBX system announces your callers to you and presents you with a series of options to choose from so that you decide what the best way to handle that particular call is. It is not always the right time to answer a personal call while you prepare for an immediate meeting. With our Call Screening and Call Announce feature you are notified of all incoming calls with the caller’s information so that you know who awaits you at the other end of the line and if it is necessary to answer that call yourself.

The Real PBX’s Hosted PBX VOIP Systems come with many other attractive features like Call Park, Call Hunt, Simultaneous Ringing, Virtual Office, Automated Attendant, Voicemail, ACD, DID, IVR, Conference Calling, Find me/follow me, Dial by name/extension and unified communication at affordable prices. Multiple replicated servers, secured by trusted industry practices assure that your communications data is safe and secure – all the time. Go for a free trail today!

Hosted PBX VOIP improves business efficiency:

The Call Screening and Call Announce feature available with our Small Business PBX greatly improve your customer handling process. The caller’s phone number and his name are displayed automatically with every incoming call. As you now know who is calling you, you can choose to:

  • Prioritize certain important business calls
  • Choose not to answer promotional calls by directing them to voicemail
  • Block the numbers you don’t want to call you
  • Transfer calls to other departments, if meant for them
  • Utilize your time spent in answering business calls
  • Identify business and personal calls
announcing calls

Since your office staff now knows who is calling them they can take the best call handling decision. Low priority call can be sent to voicemail while you focus on more important tasks, without your callers being aware of it. Since the number of the caller is displayed if it is a number you don’t recognize you can choose not to answer the call. This saves from wasting time in answering calls of pushy sales persons and marketers.

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