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Optimize Outbound Calling With Predictive Dialer

Our predictive dialer filters out all the voicemails, wrong numbers, busy tones, fax machines, and unanswered calls to connect the agents to live calls only. It saves time and effort on the agent’s part, eliminating the need for dialing and redialing repeatedly. In this manner, they can now spend more time on the call, which helps create more opportunities to convert prospective leads opportunities into sales.

predictive dialer

Programmed with the most advanced dialing algorithms, our predictive dialer considers a number of factors while dialing, such as – number of agents, agent performance, lead connectivity ratio, etc. Acting accordingly to these factors, our Predictive Dialer ensures that all the agents at outbound call centers remain on the call for the maximum time. While our dialer’s smart, automated call routing quickly identifies the best agent available and connects the call to them, while also ensuring minimum wait time.

Hosted Predictive Dialer Features

Setup & Manage Campaign Efficiently

Our predictive dialer is designed to best-fit with all sorts and types of businesses and their various marketing campaigns. Setup and management of business campaigns become effortlessly easy, which further helps businesses to explore other positive opportunities.

Smarter Dialing

Programmed with most advanced dialing algorithm, our hosted predictive dialer considers numerous complex factors while dialing such as – number of available agents, agent performance, lead connectivity ratio, best time to call to customers, demographics of customers etc.

Advanced IVR

The Real PBX not only automates the lead conversion process but also significantly speeds it up. Automating outbound campaigns with IVR-based calls using our Predictive dialer can help businesses reach cold leads and record their response via voice detection or touchpad tone.

Real Time Monitoring & Reporting

Use Predictive dialer intelligent call mechanisms to automate your marketing campaigns and instantly connect with new prospective customers. Get instant and up-to-date monitoring and reporting data through our intuitive and comprehensive dashboard.

Why Predictive Dialer Solution From The Real PBX

We offer our clients with free assistance with setup, installation and maintenance of the services, which makes us the prime choice for businesses looking for predictive dialers and unified communication solutions. Apart from that here are a few more benefits of choosing The Real PBX.

  • No hardware restriction
  • No geographical restriction
  • Compatible with third-party software
  • Centralized control and monitoring for admin
  • No setup or activation fees
  • Web form integration
predictive dialer
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