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Let the Sales Come To You With 800 Toll Free Numbers

The Real PBX provides Toll Free Number service packed with a plethora of useful features to serve the global customers at their convenience. We arm our clients with numerous tools and utilities along with our toll free numbers. These tools and utilities help our clients to enhance their business performance, which allows them to go above & beyond their potential.From representing a local presence all over the world to monitoring the performance, even when you are on the go, The Real PBX brings immense business-enhancing benefits under one roof.

toll free number

You can optimize your work-flow, improve business productivity, and monitor agent performance in real-time with our intuitive toll free number dashboard and other reporting and analysis tools. It not only helps you in building a unique ‘1-800 brand’ reputation but also provides better customer experience by routing calls to the right department at right time.

What are Toll Free Numbers & How They Work?

Numbers that generally start with the prefixes of 800, 888, 877, 855, or 844 which impose no charge on the caller’s end are known as toll free numbers. They are mostly used by businesses and organizations as a powerful and effective business tool. Businesses or organizations that subscribe to these number services are charged for the calls made on these numbers, on the other hand, for the customers making calls is free of cost.

From a customer’s perspective

For a customer, these numbers imply that calls are free of charge. Along with that, it also entices a feel that the business is reliable, credible, and professional.

From a business owner’s perspective

It’s always imperative that businesses need a way to help their customers get in touch with them and a toll free number does exactly that. For example, a vanity phone number not only helps to reinforce and promote brand recognition but also helps increase the overall efficacy of your marketing and advertising campaigns. These numbers also help businesses increase the volume of their incoming calls as the callers (customers) are not charged for the calls.

The Real PBX 1-800 Number Features

  • Hosted IVR

    Get extreme flexibility and security, all while ensuring better customer experience, along with the added benefits of cloud.

  • Call Forwarding

    Never miss out on an incoming customer call with our top of the line business toll free call forwarding feature.


    Dealing with high incoming call volumes has never been easier with our advanced Automatic Call Distribution system.

  • Call Blast

    Make multiple phone calls simultaneously with our advanced call blast feature.

  • Call Recording

    Monitor all calls and further enhance agent performance or optimize default scripts with our call recording feature.

  • Free Softphone

    Experience innovative and streamlined calling with the complimentary softphone, designed specifically for you.

A Number of Benefits Come Up with Business Toll Free Numbers

Effective Marketing Tool

Low Operational Costs

Better Customer Service

Geographical Flexibility

Secure, Reliable & Feature Rich

Pick the Perfect 800 Numbers For Your Business

Vanity Numbers

Gain attention of your customers by opting for vanity toll free numbers that are easier to remember.

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Local Numbers

Serve the customers in a particular region by providing local toll free numbers to gain more trust and credibility.

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Why Choose The Real PBX as Your 800 Toll Free Numbers Provider

The Real PBX’s affordable and feature-rich toll free number service makes it easy for your potential customers to call you for free from anywhere and anytime. With more than 10 years of experience and premium data centers located in the United States, we ensure 24*7 availability of your business communication, even in the case of a disaster. The Real PBX unifies all communication necessities of your business operations under one platform. This helps provide flexibility to your customers, clients, and partners to connect over the same platform from anywhere in the world via their preferred communication channel such as voice and text chats, SMSes or emails.

We offer tremendous business value to our clients with our salient features like:

  • No Setup Fees
  • Unlimited Calling Plans
  • Transfer Your Existing Number
  • Search 800, 888, 877 & 866 Numbers
  • US, UK, Australia and many more countries to choose from
  • Route Calls Even To Mobile Devices
  • Precise and Instant Performance Reporting
  • Easy To Customize Routing System
  • Pay only for What You Use
  • Dedicated Customer Support Available 24x7
Toll free numbers


One can get it from any toll-free service provider. And the best part is that once you purchase an 800 toll free number you are not inclined to do business with the service provider you purchased your number from. In other words, once you select your preferred phone number provider, you can get any available 800 toll free number.

The Real PBX offers ‘Zero Rental Plan’ for our clients. You are only charged based on the amount of minutes used every month.

Yes, 800 phone numbers are completely portable, which means that you can use your previous/existing number with us as well.

Absolutely, sending and receiving text messages is a standard feature of our 800 phone number service. All you need to do is let us know beforehand that you require a 800 number with text messaging capabilities.

We offer the ability to integrate unlimited number extensions with our toll free numbers.

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