Call Queue Management

With the traditional PBX, one extension can keep only one call on wait, while the other call is in progress. More incoming calls cannot be entertained.

Your business might survive this sometimes. But this situation can be the business-killer during the rush hours. When the call flow is at its peak, every missed and untracked call is a customer that you are losing. Thus, the traditional PBX services are likely to cost you a huge loss; unless you hire more operators and install additional extensions for them. That itself is a very costly affair. Isn’t?

call queue management

What is the Solution?

When you have two options to either letting the customers go by or expending big sum for new operators, we recommend you to go with the third option. Choose our Hosted PBX services.

The Real PBX is a cheaper and much more efficient solution. Our Hosted PBX service brings an impeccable feature ‘Call Queue Management’ that makes sure that all incoming calls are entertained well in time. And the operators are well aware of the number of calls in the queue. So, they can accordingly plan his conversation to serve the customers quickly. Also, to a call to certain extension can be moved to other available extension without much of efforts.

Upgrade Your Business

Call Queue Management holds great strength for business productivity. It maintains all incoming calls on an extension in a queue that is instantly displayed to the operators on their softphone.

With some amazing features, such as- virtual receptionist, Advanced ACD, etc., the callers will be able to reach the required destination very quickly. It presents a perfect image of your business that you care for your customers. The quick assistance and connectivity makes sure that the customer gets the assistance in the quickest time and hence, kills all possibilities for customer think about your competitors. Call Queue Management works further to support the customers and operators at the same time.

The quick reach to the operators can sometimes be a tough ask on the operators. They might be burdened with the call flow. To save the customers and operator both, our Hosted PBX solutions can be customized to announce:

  • The waiting number in the queue for the caller
  • Music/ business tone
  • Promotional offer
  • Request for patience

It keeps the customer engaged with the call and thus, the chances of hanging up are reduced greatly. Even if a caller disconnects the call before being received by the operator, the number will be listed to missed calls. So, they can be contacted back. Get all that and a lot more for your business- only with The Real PBX.

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