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Business phones are usually very busy and the chances the very high that when one of your business phone number is busy on one call, more callers might be trying to reach you. With the traditional business phones, other calls will hear an engage tone or announcement that their call cannot be reached now. Your business phone will show then in missed calls unless you subscribe for an additional alert service. And in this manner, you might be missing on calls that can be very valuable for your business. But that is the case without call waiting.


With the very efficient Call Waiting feature in active mode, the calls arriving when you are busy another call will be added on the waiting queue. The call attendant will be informed of the other incoming call instantly. Also, the caller would be updated that their call is in wait, so that they can maintain their patience. Even if a caller still disconnects the call, their number will be listed as the missed call. The introduction of Call Waiting feature in your Private Branch Exchange assures better connectivity among the employees and customers and thus, better productivity of the organization.

Call Queue Management

For improved services with Hosted PBX, The Real PBX offers Call Queue Management option. It assists the calls in wait efficiently and quickly.

When the call flow is very high and the active extensions are limited, serving the incoming calls can be very tough for the operators. Our Call Queue Management allows the call attendant to view the caller in wait. The incoming calls can be directed to free extensions and the operator can pick the call to attend on priority to make sure that important customers are served immediately.

Best Calling Experience with Our Hosted PBX

The Real PBX has got every features perfected to deliver the best calling experience for your Private Branch Exchange. Even with the Call Waiting option, we have served the best for you. Have a check on what you can do with Call Waiting on Hosted PBX services:

Hosted PBX is based on the softphone technology for a user-friendly experience that is accessible from different device such- PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All the features of our Hosted PBX, including Call Waiting, are completely operational on all compatible devices. To give utmost control to the user with Hosted PBX, the option the Call Waiting feature can even be disabled if needed.

  • Instant update for attendant when a call is on wait
  • Answer the call on wait and keep the current call on hold
  • Switch between the calls easily
  • Join the calls for conferencing
  • Disconnect any or all the calls
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