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Create a Great Customer Experience With Hosted IVR Solution

Interactive Voice Response is rated as one of the smartest technologies available in the Private Branch Exchange services. It helps businesses take their customer engagement and satisfaction to the next level by providing the callers with the opportunity to self-serve themselves or connect with the correct agent or department, all on their own.


It can be used to enable your customers to know specific details, such as- relevant extension numbers, branch address, outstanding billing amount, and much more. On the other hand, Interactive Voice Response systems can be used shorten the time spent on a single call by allowing the caller to guide themselves to satisfactory answer or solution.

How Hosted IVR Works?


When the customer calls the business phone number, the call is connected to The Real PBX’s state-of-the-art servers on which the client’s PBX system is hosted. It plays its custom IVR to the incoming call.

After the initial customer greeting message, the caller is then provided the various engagement options embedded within the IVR. For instance, “Thank you for calling XYZ Company, Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, Press 3 for Billing”, and so on. There can be numerous engagement options within a client’s IVR, which connects to numerous departments and individual agents, through extensions.

The caller upon making their choice is then quickly routed to the chosen department or agent, successfully connecting the caller and the business.

Benefits of Hosted IVR

  • Security: Sometimes, we need to share information with the customers that need not be shared with the operators, for example, Telephonic Identity PIN and other such confidential data. IVR is a very secure medium for sharing such crucial information with customers.
  • Minimum Manpower: Since the IVR feature operates without human intervention on the business’s end, it helps businesses handle customer calls with minimum manpower.
  • Call recordings: IVR calls are recorded on the cloud even for the caller’s input. The access to the recordings can be authorized by the admin of the Hosted PBX network. The recordings can come in use for different reasons.
  • Cost Effective: Our hosted IVR solutions are cost effective to the core. Every aspect of this advanced PBX feature is intended to reduce operational costs at every point.
  • Real-time updates: The benefit of cloud hosted IVR is that it provides authorized users with real-time updates on performance and productivity.
  • 100% Uptime: With our free 24×7 free tech support, we guarantee our clients 100% uptime with our hosted IVR phone system, all year round.
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