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Communication plays a vital role in developing your business. Be it your clients, business partners, or service providers that support the services delivered by you, to keep grease in the business system intact, one must keep the communication system flawless. Telephonic communication constructs the biggest portion of overall communication mediums adopted by the businesses. Telephones are irreplaceable for businesses for its effectiveness and instant responsiveness of this service.


But the same solution can become your biggest concern when there is any need of any relocation. Growth and spreading of the businesses will require the relocation and especially, for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the relocation is hard to avoid. Most SMEs rely on freelancing concept and have a very small business setup. And when the business will grow the need for larger office will be inevitable. When your office will relocate, the existing phone numbers will be a big issue as it influences the business directly.

When you need to change the number, your business will have additional efforts to advertise the new contact numbers. Different online portal will be required to update the latest contact details. Existing phone numbers should be taken care of to ensure that they are not used by any user who can bring negative impact to business. Now think of a further growth and a number of phone numbers needs to be changed now. Sounds like a serious issue? Well, you would never have to think on such issues if you have Hosted PBX service of The Real PBX in action.

Hosted PBX Allows Your Number to Move

Hosted PBX service relies on the cloud technology that simplifies the way your business phone is setup. To connect to the virtual or Hosted PBX, it requires an internet connection and a softphone to start calling and receive calls. No physical devices needed. No geographical limitations. Location change is never an issue.

But what about the number change due to Hosted PBX?

Well, you do not need to change the number while you switch to Hosted PBX of The Real PBX if your switch via number portability. In this way you can enjoy a completely new, alive and energetic phone service experience on your existing phone number. So, switching to the Hosted PBX will only bring a top-quality business phone service, some highly-reduced phone bills and some more features that one cannot even imagine with traditions PBX.

Have a glance at some of the top-notch features of Hosted PBX:

  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Call waiting
  • 3 Ways Calling
  • Dialing by Name/Extensions
  • Forward calls to Voicemail
  • Automated Call allocation system
  • Free Setup & Maintenance
Move Numbers
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