Call Blast

What is Call Blasting?

Call Blast is a powerful telecommunication technique and one of our top PBX features which allows businesses to contact thousands of customers simultaneously and broadcast a pre-recorded message. All you need to do is specify the message you want to be broadcasted and a set of contact numbers to be dialed and the rest is taken care of by our Hosted PBX system.


How Call Blasting Feature Works

Firstly you need to record a message that you intend to “blast” to a large number of contacts. After you have recorded the message, the next thing you need to is to specify the numbers in the Call Blast Campaign where the message needs to be broadcasted. Once you decide the time for the Call Blast, our system calls all numbers simultaneously and plays the recorded message. And with the help of our intuitive dashboard, you can also check to see how many live people received your message, how many were delivered to voicemails, and how many failed to deliver (if any), by clicking on the “Call Results” Panel.

It is a super effective method to inform your clients, customers, and employees about any important plan changes or updates that they should know about, all in a single go. With our Hosted PBX system, businesses can inform their clients and other stakeholders about any changes in prices and also deliver recent business information to relevant stakeholders without having to waste hours calling each stakeholder separately and conveying the same message again and again.

These features not only allows businesses to enhance their image but also helps create a longer lasting impression on the customers. Call blasting can also be used for emergency alerts, marketing campaigns, surveys and polling campaigns, reminders and notifications, and advertising/promotions for your business.

How Does Call Blast Service Benefit Your Business?

  • Save time & resources by reaching a larger audience, all at same time.
  • Eliminates the need to repeat a message to separate recipients.
  • Built-in recording, logging and call statistics.
  • No additional equipment or maintenance involved.
  • Provides an interactive experience to users by adding personal touch.
  • Easy to control and set up the messages and timing for calls.

Why The Real PBX

With The Real PBX’s advanced Call Blast feature, businesses gain the ability to reach a large number of contacts simultaneously to disseminate relevant information in one single effort. Apart from that we free installation, setup and maintenance services to all our clients, 24x7x365. We endeavor to deliver the best services and experience to our business clients so that they can reciprocate the same to their customers.

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