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Call Recording is a very familiar term for most of the users- it is simply recording of voice communication over a phone call. This simple term has a huge necessity for the businesses. Call recordings can come in handy for a number of reasons, such as- policy & regulatory needs, quality control, training purposes, etc.


The Real PBX understands the worth of call recording for the businesses and hence, offers a high-quality recording of the calls. To add more to your services, we have loaded the call recording feature with a number of options. Have a glance:


There are plenty of options available to choose the nodes (ends) between which the calls have to be recorded. The options available here are:

  • Extension to Extension calls
  • External Incoming calls
  • External Outgoing calls
  • Conference calls

Storage Location

Storage location determines the location at which recorded call will be stored. The Real PBX offers cloud storage for your call recordings. Call recordings are stored in a secured environment and are accessible to the users permitted by you. Authenticated users can delete, download, or listen to the call recording.

You can even integrate any other cloud-based platform to save the call recording recordings. You can even download the recordings whenever you want. By default, the call recordings on our cloud storage are available for 30 days before being deleted automatically. You can even raise a request with our team of engineers if you need any change with the default settings.

Security and Privacy

The Real PBX understands that call recording from any PBX can have vital information of businesses. So, we make our best efforts with the privacy and security of stored recordings. We have adopted the best cloud security methods. With an experience of more than 10 years in the cloud industry, we have earned the expertise of delivering secure cloud computing.

Kindly note that laws dealing with the call recording may vary in the different regions. We advise our clients to stay abide with the laws controlling their operations.

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