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Add Exclusivity to All Your Outbound Calling Needs

Our outbound contact center solution is leading the way in the telecommunications industry. With our services, agents have easy access to customer databases, which helps with lead generation. Our all-in-one cloud communication platform is also very intelligent, making it easier to manage outbound campaigns and maintain positive relationships with customers. This all works together to make outbound campaigns more efficient and effective.

outbound call center

Outbound Contact Center Features

  • Schedule Call Back

    Reduce call queues and traffic by enabling customers to schedule a callback appointment. This improves customer satisfaction and first-call resolution metrics.

  • Call Flipping

    This feature lets agents switch the same call from one device to another without losing connection. Call flipping can be used as many times as the agent wants.

  • Predictive Dialing

    Automate the dialing process and maximize the efficiency of the calling agents. Reduce waiting time for agents and help them conduct more meaningful conversations.

  • Automatic Script Fill-Up

    Help agents deliver better caller experience by providing them with sales scripts accessible at just one click.

  • Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

    Improve your contact center’s calling operations by implementing AMD. It avoids junk calls by identifying answering machines and skipping the call right away.

  • Internal DNC

    Oue contact center’s built in Do-not-call (DNC) list ensures that the dialer doesn’t ring a number with a DND activated and prevents violating any legitimate rule or policy.

  • Robo-Calling

    Pre-recorded messages can be sent to the business’ opt-in customer lists with Robo-calling. This improves productivity & reduces the time previously wasted on manual dialing.

  • Dynamic Caller ID

    Improve call pickup rates by allowing the contact center solution to choose local caller IDs based on the customer’s location.

What Makes The Real PBX Your Best Choice

  • Superior quality VoIP solutions with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • Hassle-free solutions with zero maintenance and setup costs.
  • Real time monitoring of all outbound contact center services.
  • Compatibility with third-party business utility software.
  • Plans available for unlimited agents and dialing minutes.
outbound call center
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