E911 Emergency Calling

Hosted PBX services of The Real PBX is developed keeping in mind the needs of phone users in enterprises. And in the long list of needs, the Emergency Calling feature is among very prominent ones.  So, our Hosted PBX services keep the users of this service connected to Emergency calling services.

Availability of connection to E911 (Enhanced 911) emergency means that the users do not require to get additional services for emergency calling services. An already very economic plan gives you an additional save from expenses. If you a business owner, then using our Hosted PBX services means it will be serving telephonic needs of your employees and family members. To keep them safe and protected, it becomes essential to have them connected to an emergency service. This also displays your concern for them.


FCC compatible emergency services for Small Business PBX:

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has a firm stand in support of VoIP services that E911 service should be available on this technology. The access for such services enables The Real PBX to deliver the connectivity to the concerned personnel when you need them.

Advance technologies of our Hosted PBX services can track the location of the softphone that allows the emergency services to dispatch the help workforces to reach the caller at the earliest. Voice Positioning Center (VPC), one of the world’s most accurate location detecting services, has been deployed by The Real PBX in its Hosted PBX services. Along with the location detection, the call is transferred to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Should you have any query with the usage of these services on our VoIP solution, you can reach us anytime via chat, phone or email. Our Support services are available 24×7.

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