Internet Fax

Fax is one of the most important communication mediums for business. On several occasions, one may realize that different business operations have a lot to do with fax and that is why even in this era of emails, fax appears to be an irreplaceable option.

However, there are several shortcomings with fax, like- physical movement restrictions, not eco-friendly for its paper usage, hassles while sending to multiple destinations, etc. But forget these hassles now. To deliver enhanced experience with fax, The Real PBX brings you the most effective solution- Internet Fax.


Fax to Email

With Internet Fax, you get your faxes right into your mailbox- instantly, anywhere, anytime. So, you need not to stick next to Fax Machine every time you are expecting a fax. That is not all as the list of benefits that Internet Fax brings is almost limitless. Glance at the reasons that make Internet Fax the best replacement to usual fax:

Kill the Need of Fax Machine: For most of the time, your fax machine might be doing nothing and still consuming very precious space in your office. Internet Fax from The Real PBX requires no fax machine. It just wants you to have a device on which can receive and send the emails. Get that devices connected to internet and start receiving/sending the fax as PDF file via email.

Anywhere You Go, Fax Remains within Your Pocket: Internet Fax is a cloud based service from The Real PBX and can be accessed via computer, smartphone, or tablet. Given that most of such devices can support PDF file format, accessing them is never going to be an issues. So, you remain productive even while enjoying holidays in Bahamas.

Eco-Friendly and Paperless: Many giant firms are adopting technologies that can help the environment. And among those technologies, Internet Fax is at top priority. Not simply because it saves the papers from being used for the printing, but also for the fact that The Real PBX adopts green computing with its cloud services.

A Fax Machine That is Never Busy: Delivery failure with a busy message is a common scene over the normal fax machines during rush hours. But when you switch to Internet Fax, you will never have to face any such issues.

No Additional Software Purchase: Internet Fax arrives with our Hosted PBX service for free, i.e. you do not need to buy additional software or installation support.

Email to Fax

There are special benefits that you enjoy when you use Internet Fax for sending fax with The Real PBX. The special features of emails to fax service are:

Fax to Multiple Receivers: With Internet Fax, sending fax to multiple receivers is as simple as sending email to multiple receivers- simple and quick.

Instant Delivery Notification: For the emails sent over Internet Fax, you will be instantly notified about the success or failure of delivery of fax at the receiver end.

Secure and Encrypted Fax: The fax exchange over Internet Fax is completely secure over the cloud of The Real PBX using the end to end encryption. So, the sent fax can only be read by the intended receivers.

Choose the Best…Choose The Real PBX for Internet Fax

Internet Fax is completely amazing business enhancement tool for the users, but when the same service gets backing of The Real PBX, it gets the perfect icing on the cake. For finest Internet Fax experience, we offer:

  • Emails, fax and voice communication within the same device
  • Instant delivery of fax, so you do not miss out any moment of business
  • Setup and maintenance support from skilled and experienced technicians without any extra cost
  • Flexibility of device compatibility- Computer, Smartphone, and Tablet
  • Green technologies adopted for most efficient service delivery
  • Optimum security of data exchanged over the cloud
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