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Whenever you are on a holiday with your family or friends, or you have to fly off to another country to finalize an important business deal, you often feel that your business might suffer if you are not on your desk to answer your calls. Since every call counts, it becomes essential to have some provision to answer every business conversation. Find me/Follow me feature of Hosted PBX is the perfect fit to complement the daily schedule of a busy business executive.


This feature makes you omnipresent for your clients no matter where you are and what you are doing. Hosted PBX services give you the power to manage your business calls as per your convenience. You can pick and choose to answer calls according to the priority of an incoming call. With Hosted PBX systems, you can govern your business decisions. Moreover, this system strengthens customers’ confidence which projects you as a reliable business partner. Your availability to answer their queries gives them an impression that they are important.

What is Find Me/Follow Me feature?

As the name suggests, “Find me” feature of Hosted PBX systems has been introduced to serve the purpose of finding you when you are out of your reachable business premises. “Follow me” is a feature that chases you wherever you go so as to help you maintain a touch with your business. Find me and follow me features are complementary to each other. This service of Hosted PBX is an ideal match for employees who are always on the go. Virtual PBX Find me/Follow me feature opens the doorway to mobile business opportunities by maintaining an integrated communication channel for business firms structuring a mobile workforce.

Benefits of Find Me/Follow Me feature:

The Real PBX is one of the leading IT business firms providing high end hosted communication solutions to clients. We are a team of professionals that works with the single aim of providing our customers with communication functionality that is used by the elite business firms. We not only deliver a business phone system but we also deliver faith to our customers through our outstanding services. We enrich your communication infrastructure with the latest features that include unified communication, call parking, call hunt, IVR, call queue, etc. We serve our clients with 24×7 customer services to resolve their problems the moment they arise.

  • Prevents the loss of potential business opportunities
  • Manage your mobile business efficiently
  • Unleash all constraints on your physical presence in office
  • Access business conversations from anywhere, anytime
  • Deliver 24x7 services by increasing your availability
  • Elaborate the capabilities of your mobile devices
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