Unlimited Calling

With your business ready to expand its wings and take the highest flight, we would never restrict you in any manner. We provide a complete and unrestricted calling authority for international and national calling. So, you can make calls or receive to / from any part of the world without any restrictions. Unlimited calling service gives a great advantage for businesses and that too at a price that is far smaller compared to those charged by traditional PBX.


The Hosted PBX does not bind the customers to limit up on their calling needs. So, the counted calls system of other services will not be haunting you near the end of every month.

In a package of services that is completely customer centric, our unlimited calling feature is better than the best that anyone else can offer. As your employees, family members, or anyone else using extensions on your Hosted PBX will have a facility of completely free calls between them, our Hosted PBX will only be earning appreciations for you.

But at The Real PBX, we understand businesses need productivity, not appreciations. And unlimited calling facility is serving that cause as well. Unlimited calling services means you can contact your client, partners, or others that you need to anytime. You will not have to rush for add-on recharges or multiple services to enjoy the calling services for complete billing cycle. This saves huge sum on your bills. Saving money is earning money. Agreed?

Hosted VOIP PBX System with Advanced features:

Unlimited calling and faxing feature on our Hosted PBX system gives the users an amazing medium to communicate with colleagues and clients. Make unlimited calls at flat prices and get a desired area code for your number. The Real PBX assures improve the flexibility of your business within a short period of time as your employees are available for services within one call and to check how phone calls are being used, you can even listen to live calls via monitoring features. So, our Hosted PBX is certainty of performance.

Unlimited Fax

Modern technology has killed a big chunk of old technology. But the Fax is still prevalent and that is for big reason- businesses need it. The Real PBX brings limitless power to you and one of them allows you to keep your fax available and business rocking, but without using fax machine. Its Internet Fax technology brings all the faxes you receive into your mail inbox in PDF format. You can even send the fax from the email as well. There are many more ways in which unified communication makes our Hosted PBX service unbeatable. Here are some of the features that we offer:

  • Toll free numbers
  • Unlimited call forwarding anywhere
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls anywhere
  • Receive  and send unlimited faxes on your softphone
  • No set up fees
  • Enhanced security
  • All calls at HD voice quality
  • Instant activation
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