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Connect With Your Customers In Minutes With A Personalized Touch

Voice broadcasting allows you to share a pre-recorded message to your customers in an instant with a personalized touch. Share important alerts, updates, or information with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders within a few minutes.

With The Real PBX voice broadcast services, you get secure and scalable automated outbound call solutions. Record your message, upload contacts, and launch your voice broadcast marketing campaign. Get detailed analytic reports and run A/B tests to see which message brings in more engagement from callers.

  • Scalable to as many numbers of calls as per your business requirements
  • Conduct product and services survey
  • Cost-effective and transparent billing.
  • No long-term contracts required.
  • Schedule voice broadcast campaigns when customers are likely to pick your calls.
  • Improve the response rate as compared to conventional media and marketing channels such as print, email, text messages, and many others.

Voice Broadcasting Service Benefits



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How Voice Broadcasting Works

Setting up a voice broadcasting campaign with The Real PBX is a matter of a few simple steps.

  • Upload your customer contacts – Import your customer contacts by uploading a CSV file.
  • Manage DNC lists – Upload the list of contacts that you don’t want to call during your voice broadcast campaign.
  • Compose a personalized message – Use custom fields such as name, company, email, etc. and The Real PBX text to speech features to make your message more relevant and professional.
  • Allow customers to interact with your message – Direct the answered calls to any of your agents or voicemail with The Real PBX press-1 or IVR solutions.
  • Get detailed reports of your Voice broadcast campaigns – Track the KPIs of your voice broadcast campaign to measure the performance and take necessary steps along the way. .
Voice Broadcasting Diagram
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Voice Broadcasting Features

  • Text to speech features

    Either upload a pre-recorded voice message or use The Real PBX advanced text to speech features which offer multiple male and female voices with various native accents such as the USA, UK, Australia, etc.

  • Press 1

    Provide your customers with an interactive option with the broadcast message to amplify sales or get their feedback. Our voice broadcasting features allows you to set up a press 1 campaign to direct answered calls to your agents or voicemail.

  • AC-CID

    The Real PBX chooses a caller ID for you based on the location of your customers and clients. A local caller ID helps your business to improve the call pickup rate of your customers as people tend to answer local calls more.

  • Easy DNC List Management

    Upload the CSV file of contacts that you don’t want to call, and The Real PBX voice broadcast service will automatically skip those numbers while dialing your contact lists.

  • A/B Testing

    Run A/B tests to see which message or promotional offer engages your customers the most. Try different voices and accents of your message to discover the right tone to attract your clients.

  • Call Recording

    Choose to record your voice broadcast calls for quality and training purposes. We keep your call recordings encrypted on our servers for a period of your choice. Access call recordings anytime from your The Real PBX dashboard.

  • Call Reporting & Analytics

    Access all the call details and other KPIs such as the total number of answered calls, customers who pressed 1 or other options to interact with your message, and so on. Track the performance of your voice broadcast campaign with The Real PBX intuitive dashboard.

  • Automatic Retries

    Choose to automatically dial a number if the call is not answered for the first time. Specify a time duration and number of attempts for automatic redialing in your The Real PBX voice broadcast campaign to use this feature.

  • Dynamic Text to Speech Voice Broadcast

    Greet your customers with their name using The Real PBX dynamic text to speech voice broadcast services. Also, announce other personal details of customers such as due amount, due date, etc.

  • APIs Support

    Easily integrate The Real PBX Voice Broadcast solutions with your system using our APIs.

Why The Real PBX For Voice Broadcasting Services?

The Real PBX is a leading cloud communication provider to businesses of all sizes and verticals around the globe. With over 10+ years of experience in delivering scalable and secure cloud telephony services, The Real PBX is your best partner in providing you the best voice broadcasting services.

  • The Real PBX voice broadcasting solutions scale as per your business requirements.
  • 24x7x365 days of support from Microsoft Certified Professionals even on holidays.
  • Secure cloud telephony platform with HD voice broadcasting support.
  • No long term contracts or commitment required.
  • Zero set up cost and pay for only what you use.
Voice Broadcasting
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FAQs Voice Broadcasting Services

Get answers of most frequently asked questions on The Real PBX work from home solutions.

How can I set up voice broadcasts using The Real PBX?

With The Real PBX, you can start your voice broadcasting service within a few minutes. Connect with our Solutions Expert on any of our toll free numbers or write to us at sales@therealpbx.com, and we will assist you in getting started.

Can I scheduled voice broadcast campaigns?

Yes, you can schedule voice broadcast campaigns. The best part is that you can also choose your campaign to run as per your business hours by setting up time group option.

Is there any free trial available?

Yes, a free trial is available at a limit of $5 balance. Try The Real PBX HD voice broadcast services before making any commitments.

How much does voice broadcasting cost?

The Real PBX automatically calculates the cost of your voice broadcasting campaign, and it depends on factors such as the number of contacts, country, length of voice message, and so on. Connect with our Solutions Expert to get an idea and answers to all your queries.

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