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Prompt and Effective Way to Entertain Every Incoming Call

Get The Real PBX’s unmatched inbound contact center solutions, designed to capture the most promising leads and convert them into loyal customers. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with your organizational framework, our solution is flexible and adaptable to any changes your business may undergo, regardless of the number of agents or departmental structure complexity. With our cloud-based approach, there are no hardware or regional limitations, allowing your customers to connect with your agents from anywhere in the world.


Inbound Contact Center Features

  • Intuitive IVR

    Ensure you never miss out on critical information for any business call. The contact center solution automatically records all calls and stores them on the secure cloud for future references.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Ensure that callers are directed to the most appropriate agent or team with ACD, which reduces waiting time and improves the overall customer experience.

  • Music-On-Hold

    Elevate your professionalism with custom on-hold music, which lets you establish your brand’s identity with captivating music that customers hear while they wait.

  • Smart Queue Management

    Handle multiple calls with no trouble. With our call queue feature, organize incoming calls in a line and send them to free agents in the order they came in.

  • Missed Call Alerts

    For times when agents miss incoming calls, make sure they get notified via emails and SMS sent directly to their inbox.

  • Call Forwarding

    Ensure all incoming calls are answered by utilizing call forwarding to sequentially distribute the call to all team members.

  • Call Routing

    Choose from various predefined routing strategies to direct callers to the most skilled and relevant agent for their cases.

  • Call Transfer

    Maintain high first-call resolution rates with our call transfer features and deliver superior caller experience.

Why Get Our Inbound Contact Center Solution?

  • Complete installation and setup ready within minutes
  • HD quality voice calling service
  • Internet voicemail to receive voicemails via email
  • CRM Integration & Caller ID to prepare before answering the calls
  • Free customer support via Email, Chat and Phone – 24x7s
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