The Real PBX + Zoho CRM

  • Enjoy endless communication and streamlined connectivity
  • On-premise or work from home, get your business going with zero interruption
  • Ensure satisfied customers with quick responses
  • Experience boosted agent productivity and outstanding performance
  • Make your business operations easy with user-friendly dashboard
  • Generate assured leads and manage them in simple steps
Zoho Integration

Benefits of Integration

Call History Acquisition

If you integrate your TRP with Zoho, you can retrieve all the data related to customers in the past. The integration enables you to track all the calls, tasks, conferences, meetings and even record them in the Zoho CRM.

For every business, it is important to deliver the best services and resolution. For providing the customer with answer in least time and accurate answers, it is important that the agent is aware about the past interactions and interests of the customers.

Interactive Screen Pop-Ups

If an agent is aware about caller’s information beforehand, it is sure that the conversation will end up productive. The integration with ZOHO lets you know who is calling your business by accessing the history and retrieving past calling trends.

The incoming call flashes on your screen and shows detailed information about the caller so that the agent stays ready with quick resolutions or predicts possible issues the caller might have. Also, you can add new callers to the contact list in ZOHO CRM for possible lead conversion in future.

Call in a Click

Save your time and make calls in just a click. The ZOHO CRM plays an important role in ensuring leads with best resolutions in quickest way by eliminating time wastage. This prevents the hassles involved in switching to different screens or tabs to attend calls or even pick them.

You can make calls from within the ZOHO CRM i.e, from the same screen which saves a lot of time this saved time leads to improved productivity and invites a lot of calls. You can enjoy the ZOHO PhoneBridge available on the ZOHO portal; it enables easy call making via different devices; which helps when you are present off-premise. Also, the integration automatically provides all the information relevant to a particular caller which ultimately contributes to growth of lead conversion rates.

Call History Acquisition

When you combine your business with the Zoho’s great features, you can deliver your customers with adequate answers. The TRP and Zoho integration automatically generates reports which lead to effective note making. Using this benefit, an agent can outline the main points after a call ends that he/she feels will be of great use in future.

With the integration, you can also share these records from your CRM with other team members. Maintaining reports plays an important role during the training processes as agents can witness real-life situations via these reports.

Steps to Integrate Real PBX with Zoho CRM

Step 1

First, Login to your The Real PBX account with a registered Email ID and its password then go to The Real PBX section and select the Integrations option on the left navigation tab. Now click on the Instructions

Step 2

Now you will be taken to a new window. Here, click on the Enable option and it will enable all the Zoho tools to integrate with your The Real PBX account.

Step 3

After the enabling process, you will be taken to a new window where you have to select the preferable extension from the drop down. Now, click on the “Integrate Zoho Phonebridge”

Step 4

Now fill in your Zoho credentials and click Next. After selecting the “Accept” option Zoho CRM will get integrated with your The Real PBX account.

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Answers of most commonly asked questions related to The Real PBX and Zoho integration

How can I avail this integration?

Connect with our team to get complete assistance. You should get in touch with our The Real PBX customer support agent to gain a complete knowledge about the ways to utilize this integration.

You can also click the Get Now option available on our site. You can easily integrate your MyRealPBX account with Zoho.

Is this integration available in the free trial?

Yes, the Zoho + The Real PBX integration is available for free trial. You can even try the integration and disable later on if you don’t find it useful. The integration charges you no money for the trial period and performs the same as the normal version.

Does The Real PBX offer other integrations as well?

Currently we support Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. Hubspot, Zendesk, Google Contacts, etc. are in the pipeline. You can enjoy the Zoho’s rich features on almost every platform of your choice.

What happens to the contact list once I disable the Zoho Integration?

After disbling the Real PBX Integration, you will not be able to access the contact list in Zoho CRM via The Real PBX. Also, the disintegration reflects to the accounts of all users using the same organization account.

But all the call details and records that you must have registered in the CRM can be retrieved and remain the way were already with zero data loss.

What all can I do with Zoho Integration?

With Zoho Integration, you can make calls, receive calls from customers, add a follow-up call, tasks, View call logs, record calls and much more. All these features ensure streamlined business flow and smooth connectivity with the customers.