TRP + Salesforce Integration

  • Keep a continuous check on the callers and track call records
  • Connect calls in simple clicks
  • Experience enhanced call management and powerful searching ability
  • Maximize communications with the best integration for you’re The Real PBX account
Zoho Integration

Benefits of Integration

Effective Contact Management

With the Salesforce integration, it becomes easy to create new contacts and register new callers into the logs and data. All this can be done during an ongoing call without much hassle. Also, the saved contacts are verified and checked for validity.

If the phone number is invalid or is not registered with a user, it shows a message there and then so that you can ask the caller to provide a valid phone number.

Answer and Dial Call in a Few Clicks

You can dial phone numbers through your screen in just a click or you can use the embedded The Real PBX dial pad that appears in the Salesforce. With this dial pad, you can call the customers easily without any hardware requirement.

Other than dialing, you can answer customer calls by simply clicking the receive icon. The incoming call can be seen on the screen before picking up. This helps the agents in prepping up for the call. With Salesforce integration, call records can be tied up with the phone numbers.

Interactive Screen Pop Ups

For every inbound or outbound call, there is a screen pop up showing phone number and contact details of the customer. With such interactive display of phone number and customer information, Salesforce provides a brief insight into customer’s past interactions so that agent is ready with the best resolution.

Also, these pop ups help agents in analyzing the customer background beforehand. This interactive process takes place on the dashboard and does not require you to switch to other tabs or screens for searching the relevant information.

Automatic Call Logs

All the inbound and outbound calls are auto-logged as soon as they are received or dialed using the Salesforce CRM. When the dialed number or the caller ID matches with the Salesforce contact, it is automatically registered into the logs and records.

These auto-logs can be of great use in future for generating leads and reaching out to prospect customers in case of reduced flow of inbound calls.

Steps to Integrate Real PBX with Zoho CRM

Step 1

Login to your The Real PBX account using the valid credentials.

Step 2

After logging in, you will be taken to the dashboard of your account. On the left tab, select the Integrations option mentioned under the My PBX tab and click on the Salesforce CRM and then select the user for enabling the CRM.

Step 3

Now follow this link to download the package which will take you to Salesforce login page. After, entering credentials the package will be downloaded. Install that package for all users, specific, or Admins only.

Step 4

In the Quick box column, search for the Call Center and you will see the selected call center on the main interface. Click this call center and choose the OpenCTIoption. Now, here you will see the option named Manage Call Center. You can add more users by simply adding their details in the search filter to find them. You can add this user to call center as well.

Step 5

In the quick box, now type App Manager. Here, you can edit sales also known as lightning sales. You can select the utility items by clicking on the Add Utility Item option.

Step 6

Now all you have to do is to add the Open CTI Softphone option and save it.

Step 7

By maximizing the phone tab and selecting Sales through app launcher, you are good to go! Just fill in the TheRealPBX credentials again and simply login to the Salesforce CRM.

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Answers of most commonly asked questions related to The Real PBX and Zoho integration

Is Salesforce Integration available for free trial?

Yes, you can use the Salesforce + The Real PBX for certain time period for free. You can test the functionalities of the integration and can even disable if you find it of no use. Also, there are no hidden costs involved in using the Salesforce integration.

What are the other integrations offered by the Real PBX?

The Real PBX currently offers range of integrations with tools such as Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Hubsot, Zendesk other than the Salesforce one. All these integrations come loaded with unique features that enable streamline communication and smooth business operation.

What is special about Salesforce integration?

After you integrate your Real PBX with Salesforce, you are sure to experience fantastic features such as click-to-call, auto call-logs, Click-to-SMS, Easy Call Notes and records and many more.