3 Way Calling

With Hosted PBX service, The Real PBX is always working to make the things simple, yet powerful for you. 3-Way Calling is another addition in the studded armory of feature of our Hosted PBX service. The 3-Way Calling feature allows a user to speak with two other users on the same call. This multi-way calling is not restricted to a certain PBX or local or international number. The calls on the 3-Way Calling can be made to different regions and networks or within the same PBX with the same ease.


Our Hosted PBX service delivers you a simplified way of multiple-end communication to boost your business on via phones. With 3-Way Calling feature, you can call two different numbers.

Ease To Use

Adding more features to help you does not affect simplicity of using Hosted PBX for our customers. Making or being on a 3-Way Calling takes some very simple steps. Here is how to make a 3-Way Call on our Hosted PBX:

  • Dial to any of the numbers that you want on the 3-Way Call
  • Once the call is answered, make call to the second number that you want on the 3-Way Call. The first recipient will be on hold now.
  • When the second person answers the call, you can connect both calls together by pressing “Flash” button on softphone. Now, all three on the active call can communicate with each other.
  • During the active call, you can switch between the calls to one user and put other on hold anytime for one-on-one communication. You can also end one (or both) call on your wish.
  • You can even disconnect one of the calls and connect with a new number.

Charges applicable for the calls will be based as per the standard individual charges applicable for each of the calls connected on 3-Way Calling. The other numbers can be connected on the 3-Way Calling even when they do not have multi-way calling facility.

Hosted PBX service from The Real PBX is powered on the softphone technology. You do not require a system of entangling wires and cables to setup this service. This implies that your employees can connect on your company’s Private Branch Exchange without any restrictions on geographical location. With 3-Way Calling the employees can connect with each other without being charged for the calls.

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