Direct Inward Dialing

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) can simply be called as the direct path to reach an extension on PBX. Also known as Direct Dialing-In (DDI), the DDI is the direct number of any extension on your Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that your customers can dial to reach them. DID works without deploying any receptionist for call transfers. So, calls reach the destinations faster and customers enjoy better services.


Direct Inward Calling can very effective when used with a number that is easy to remember for the customers. It usually depends on the digit pattern in the phone number. The Real PBX is even better as we offer the numbers that can match with the name of your business. That’s so good about it?

Not only your callers are able to remember the numbers easily, it also helps you building a brand reputation for your business. Impressed? There is a lot more to know!

How Direct Inward Dialing Works?

Depending on the needs of your business, you can have unlimited number of extensions with The Real PBX. In usual cases, the calls coming from the external numbers will reach the receptionist, who will ask for the department the caller wants to reach. Then the receptionist will transfer the call to concerned department. In other cases the automated receptionist informs the callers about the extensions and then transfers the call based on the input from the calls. What if the callers already know their required extensions? How can they bypass the delay time consumed by the receptionist?

Direct Inward Dialing is the solution for this issue. Let’s know it better with an example. Say your business owns 50 extensions for 10 departments with 5 extensions dedicated to each of them. With the Direct Inward Dialing in action, you can 50 extensions as phone number XXX-0000 to phone number XXX-0049. Now, you can divide the extension to departments as per your needs. Here, you have it like- like- sale department has XXX-0000 to XXX-0004, and support department has XXX-0005 to XXX-009 and so on. And these extensions are available for external callers to connect directly. At the same time, these extensions can connect to each other simply by dialing the 4-digit extension and they are all free with the hosted PBX services from The Real PBX.

So, you can directly advertise the extensions to the customers and a quick connectivity will certainly mark the positive impression to the customer. To add more, we offer music-on-hold and call queue management features that can keep the customer entertained even when all the dialed extension is busy.

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