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The Real PBX is a name in Hosted PBX systems providing excellent services to thousands of customers across the globe. We understand that being a professional enterprise you can not afford to have a phone system that lets you down in case of a natural disaster or a power outage. Every missed call is a missed opportunity. So we have a team of experts and latest technology to ensure that you get a phone service that stays with you 24×7.

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Multiple data backups in different locations, use of terminal servers and more than one high-speed broadband connections keep your business phone working all the time. In the case of a power failure or an internet connection that goes down, all the incoming calls can be directed to your cell phone or other numbers that the user has provided. Your customized greeting can be updated to inform your callers about the disaster.

Hosted VOIP PBX:

With The Real PBX’s Hosted VOIP PBX you don’t have to worry about failed calls and a poor impression to your clients. Just sign up with us, and we will take care of the rest. We provide a reliable, robust, enterprise class and efficient phone system with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

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