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There are some customers who want to be attended by a particular employee only, while some customers have a query that only selected ones are able to serve. We understand that every customer is important. That means no customer can be let down at any cost. But the misery arrives when their favorite to attendant is not available to take the call. What would you do if a customer calls and asks for a particular agent, who has struck in a jam on his way to office? What if a serious query has been raised by customer that needs the guidance of your master customer representative, who is delivering training in some other branch?


Will ask the customer to call back and let the customer slip away? Stats claim that only one-third of customers who hang up call back. The Real PBX assures that you will never have to face such situation. We have a solution. Park the call and let it be driven by client’s favorite attendant from anywhere. Wait. What’s that?

What is Call Parking?

Tell the customer that you are putting their call on hold and their favorite attendant will take the call within moments. Meanwhile, you can call the ‘in-demand’ operator at any location and inform him about the call, give them requisite details of the caller and then the call can be transferred to the operator. The ‘in-demand’ attendant can now handle the customer directly.

We call this feature “Car Parking”.

How Does Call Parking Help?

This feature has multiple benefits. The traditional call transfer does not give the receiver a real chance to know about the caller. If a customer is really upset with some issue, then asking them to repeat the issues again can be like asking for trouble. Instead, the first receiver can convey the issue to the final receiver to allow the escape the trouble from the customer.

In case the customer asks for a particular agent and they get him, then the customer would feel that he has been served as per his choices. Call Parking means your best employees can come in action from anywhere, when the need be.

Since this feature is available with The Real PBX, the experience for the customer as well as the attendants becomes a lot better. Our additional features, such as- Advanced ACD, IVR, etc., help the customers reach the desired destination quickly and then by availing them the services that they wanted, you give them a completely friendly experience. This positive experience will give a positive impact on your business as well.

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