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There are occasions when your workhorses are limited in numbers. Holiday season, office renovation, specific work hours, or something similar may mean that only counted number of employees are at their desk. But your clients or any other caller is not likely to understand that and their calls need to be answered.

Most probable chances are that those few employees in the office would be tossing from desk to desk to answer the calls. Already loaded with the extra workload, their continuous Brownian motion from one extension to another will take further physical toll on them. Such occasions are rare, but what if we say The Real PBX has a solution for that as well. It is called Group Call Pickup.


Our high-performance Hosted PBX system is graced with many amazing features that can help you manage all phone connections for your organization in a very comfortable manner. Group Call Pickup is one of these features. It allows you to answer the calls aimed for different extensions from one extension.

How Group Call Pickup Feature Works?

Group Call Pickup is a customizable feature on The Real PBX services that allows you to divert the call from a set of numbers to one extension in the department. It works amazingly for the situations when several extensions could not be answered because of staff shortage. This feature can be enabled or disabled only an authenticated and permitted user. Configuration for Group Call Pickup is very simple and straightforward. In case you face any issue or require assistance in configuring Group Call Pickup, you can contact our VoIP engineers anytime.

Rich with features, such as- Advanced ACD, IVR, Call Waiting, etc., Group Call Pick simplifies the burden due to limited staff as all the calls will now be received within the comfort of their own desk. These features take care of the callers on wait and keep the call attendant aware of the number of caller in queue. All this data is also collected on secure storage that you can collect as report to know if you missed on any of the important calls.

So, The Real PBX is a complete solution in many ways. It makes sure that maximum numbers of calls are answered even with minimum number of manpower. If there is still any miss out on the calls, you always have all the details of them that can help in deciding the best way to assist them.

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