Unlimited Extensions

Business expansion is not judged only by the profit parameters. The number of employees, customers, and partners are some other parameters that can be a directly proportional factor to indicate your business success. As your business succeeds and expands, your employees, customers, and partners count will rise and with that raise the need for communication between them as well. Summing up the story- for a business in a positive state, the extensions on Private branch exchange must not be limited.


Why Business Needs Virtual Extension?

Virtual Extension is a simplistic way of reducing manual efforts in handling the incoming calls. It does not require a physical extension setup and can be configured completely as software. Within some clicks with a mouse on PC or taps on your smartphone, the Virtual Extension of Hosted PBX can be set to deliver the specified information to the callers.

Unlimited virtual extensions give an immense power to your business for it is free from wires and cables. It does not require a physical server. It simply means comfort and convenience in communication without the worries of distances. The virtual connections are established on cloud service via internet. So, you can use have separate extensions for home phone, office phone, and smartphone. Additionally, since the service is powered by internet, wherever you use the extension, it is always a local number.

All Employees at Finger Tips

With no limits to the virtual extensions, you can connect your all employees on the extensions to keep them connected with all official needs. You can set a small extension number for them to enable quick connectivity. The best part of the virtual extension is that it can work on smartphones and tablets as well, which means that you can connect the employees who are working from different locations.

With services, such as Direct Inward Dialing, you can also allow the calls from outside the PBX to reach the desired extension without the need of the receptionist. In case you want the receptions service to be in place, The Real PBX offers the best in class auto-receptionist services as well.

Benefits of Virtual Extension

When you switch to the Hosted PBX of The Real PBX from your existing traditional PBX, you will not have to make any change to the existing numbers. You can port the existing number to the virtual extension. So, you can enjoy a new brand of VoIP services without asking your existing callers update their phonebook. Number portability is not limited to any specific number. It is valid for unlimited virtual extensions.

  • Saves load on call attendants
  • Quality information provided
  • Voicemail option available
  • Deliver information to the customer quickly
  • Compatible with Advanced ACD
  • Completely automated services
Unlimited Extensions
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